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Whoops...um... hello.

Hiya' tis just one who is more so fascinated by philosophy and since I must be the only member of this community.
Yes, I am fascinated by thinking. I do it all the time (a little more than is normal) and I think about things affecting me and others.
Non-existence? Some of the ideas I have support this very well.
But I still am' just one who has a "love for wisdom".
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I Think, therefore Iam ^_^.
So what you thinking about?
Non-existence? evolution? soul? Live?
So Look on my journal :-P.
What... what was this...?
*gets confused*
Oh yeah, I don't think I'm still a member of this community. Darn if I get on livejournal anymore anyways. Though this is making me nostalgic enough to get on it ;-)
Do you have a website?
of course ^_^.
Look on my journal (click on my name)
or go to www.furnation.com/Crodile ^_^

Thank you. I think I deleted your message accidently in my e-mail account before. I will add you to my bunch of Statues and Monuments, whether you like it or not ;->
(or at least I think that's the url)
Both that and looking at your works will have to wait mainly till either later or tommorrow cause I'm standing at a wheelchair access terminal and I have a College Final in thirty minutes. I'm sure you understand :-)
(I'm not very proficient in making furry faced emoticons).
Yeah, I've glad if you get me to your Statues and Monuments :-).
Ough, Iam not sure if I understand O.o
You know, Iam czech boy (heart of europe) and so english is
my second language :-P.
So, you like my art?

Hey hakuna matata, if you can't draw, you can certainly another
things ^_^.
Unfortunately, I am not going to be able to view your art in the library at my college. I will be sure to look at it later.
Sorry, I will watch my contractions and slang.
So, you are a weredragon?
Check out this artist, he is from brazil: http://www.dragonneo.com/jrrhack
Okay, And after say to me if is my art sufficient :-P.
Hey, you haven't to say sorry :-).
I will glad if you get me learning of american slang ;-).
Because I like english, english slangs and the most
the american people ^_^.

That site is interesting, thanks.
And yeah, IAM a WEREDRAGON :-P. The hunter-werebeast who knows
the freedom and the truth...
Um... heh... do you have an MSN Instant Messenger? Better yet, get on my MUCK server, I am on there from time to time: telnet://pelelope.wolfpaw.net:2222.
Me and one of my acquaintances could teach you some bad english words X-D
I could 'critique' your art but art in our modern time is not necessarily good or bad. "Good and bad are but names very easily transferable to this or that." Ralph Waldo Emmerson said that. As long as you put yourself into your art and rely on yourself then whether you or other people think it is bad or good will not matter.
I also did not get a very good grade in my Art 100 class so I doubt I would give a good critique.